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As you might guess from the excessive use of cat icons on this page I'm very fond of the creatures. I have two cats of my own, Calico and Trinket, both of whom have huge personalities. They're more part of my family than just pets.

Calico is a big, fluffy tortoiseshell with jade green eyes and a tail like an ostrich feather. Trinket is completely the oposite being a tiny, bouncy Tonkinese (a Siamese-Burmese cross) with blue-grey eyes and a dark seal-point coat. They're both very pretty cats and, like all cats, quite vain about their appearance! Someday I'll get around to putting some pictures of them here. On the whole they get on very well with each other, although like all sisters they have their scraps.

As I get around to it I'll add some stories about my cats.

Most of the images and animated animals I've used on my pages come from either

the Dog House Home Page, which also has lots of interesting stuff about pets,

or Hee Yun's Graphics Collection