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Ultrasound pictures - 20 weeks after conception

Kids these days have to deal with embarassing family photos even BEFORE they're born!

Baby Profile

This is a profile shot of the baby's head and upper chest. You can easily see the shape of the head with the nose, mouth and chin. The baby's hands are both beside the face, and you can just see the five fingers of its left hand by the mouth. The right hand is up around its ear. The only other thing I can make out is the spine - a bright white knobbly line at the right bottom corner.

Baby Face

This is a picture showing the baby's face, although it's harder to interpret. The head fairly distinctive, being the round shape on the left-hand side. The dark spot at the top of the head is the left eye (you can just see the outline of the lens) and I can sort of guess where the nose and mouth are. Again both hands are up near the face and you can just see the arm bones. I think the right hand is covering up the right eye.

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